Football TV Schedule

for Columbus, OH

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    Although this is designed for Columbus, OH, it will give you an idea as to what might be available in your area. All Times listed are Eastern Time Zone.

    The TV schedules are constantly changing and updates are being made during each week.

    The NFL TV schedule will usually be finished by Thursday. The Networks broadcasting the games know which games will be assigned to them and quickly select the time to broadcast. At issue here in Columbus will be the Browns/Bengals telecast and what the local stations will choose.

    The College TV schedule will always be changing and especially for the Saturday games. There are several networks that telecast the games and each network has certain priorities with their assigned conferences. Usually the college schedule is completed by Thursday evening for the Saturday broadcast but Time Warner has a sports package and telecasts many ESPN3 games in the Channel Range 781 - 788. This schedule is not released until late Friday or early Saturday. The games listed on regular weekdays normally do not change unless severe weather stops the broadcast. Of course the networks do have the choice of changing their telecast at the last moment and there is no way of knowing if and when the event will happen. Otherwise enjoy the schedules.