College Football Schedule

The college information you will view began in 1994. My son was attending The Ohio State University at the time and since 1992 he had been a member of the Ohio State Marching Band, commonly referred to as "TBDBITL" (The Best Damn Band In The Land). During the 1994 season he came home and asked what are the standings in the Big Ten. In the those days the fate of the band's bowl appearance was based on how the football team progressed. The goal of every Big Ten school back then was to get to the Rose Bowl. Of course I was not certain where OSU was in relation to all the other teams. I used LOTUS 123 extensively so I put together a spreadsheet with all the Big Ten teams. It displayed the scores and the won / loss record.

Today, the information is placed in Microsoft Excel. After the season was over I started looking at how this initial attempt could be improved. I realized that there were other conferences. In some instances teams from the Big Ten played opponents that Ohio State might see in a bowl game. I began creating the other Division IA conferences in 1995. Each year the spreadsheet was enhanced by things I saw needing improvement and also from various comments from coworkers. What you see today was / is developed from those inputs.

In 1995 I also put together a bowl schedule. As one individual stated "I wait for this spreadsheet because of all the information it contains". Again, it has been improved since its original beginnings.

There is a true story that did happen early on in the development of the bowl schedule. My nephew lives in another state and a friend at work was lamenting that he would like to know where the ACC teams were playing. Because the company he worked for did not allow internet access to certain types of websites, his friend could not locate a bowl schedule. Because of the way I created my website, it does not have the video or other webprogramming items that require various computer and internet bandwidth resources. My nephew went to his computer located my website and printed off the bowl schedule. Being that the bowl schedule is starts in December, his friend began circling all the bowl games where ACC teams were playing. He went home that night and announced to his wife that on these particular evenings he was not going to any parties. When I heard the story, I looked at my nephew and said, "Please tell me that you did not give out my address here in Ohio. I do not want an angry woman showing up at my home with a baseball bat in her hands."

NFL Schedule

This schedule did not begin until 1996. In 1996 a coworker wanted a NFL schedule so I put one together. I gave this individual the spreadsheet updated for all the prior week's games. Because I did not have the time to do the task, the agreement was for this individual to do all the future updates and of course it was never happened. The axiom "If you want something to be done right, you better do it yourself" applied here. After the college season finished, I turned my attention to this schedule and updated it at home. As with the college schedule it has been improved to what you see today.


From its inception various people requested the spreadsheets or printouts of the schedules. I do not know the number of times the schedules were copied once those people have viewed them. However, as individuals left the company they gave me their email accounts so they could receive future schedules. As I reviewed the current process of sending the spreadsheet, it became apparent to me that there might be an easier way to disseminate the data. Both files are normally over 800K in size and the bowl game schedule gets to be over 1.5 megs. Even when the files are zipped, it still took a long time to download them in an email and in the 90's broadband was not readily available. Most people could care less how the spreadsheet is put together. All that is important is viewing and printing the ending information. I began thinking of creating a Website so that anyone / everyone could go to the page and pick up what they really wanted.

I expanded the website to contain TV schedules for the Columbus, Ohio area and each week I collect what will be available. The College TV schedule is the more difficult one to put together because there are so many available options; ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, ESPNU, ESPN Classic, Versus, FoxSports, BigTen Network, CBS CollegeSports Network, ESPN GamePlan. When you look at the various networks on the schedule, you are probably wondering why ESPN is ESPN__. This is because I track the number of games weekly on each network to get an idea how many games are on TV. It is apparent that the Columbus market does not get all the college networks available such as the Mountain West, Big East and possibly the new SEC network. However, there are alot of games to view and unless you have a panel of TV's you won't be able to see them all at once but at least you know what is available. You can choose a channel or change to the next channel if the game you are watching gets boring.